‘Love of My Life’

Quoted by Logie Winner Peter O’Brien after working and training with Hanshi Ian Pollet for his monumental eight minute double knife fight scene which took a day and a half to film. He said he has really enjoyed working with the martial arts experts at Pollet’s. “They’re world class. As good or better than a lot of the stunt people out there,”

Love of My Life is now available on iTunes! A fantastic film Directed by Mr Michael Budd (Matrix Reloaded, Cold Light of Day) Starring Logie Winner Peter O’Brien (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, The Golden Mile) the beautiful… Bel Deliá (The Tunnel, Distance) and Diarmid Padraig Heidenreich (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Water Rats).

The films Stunt Co-Ordinator was Hanshi Ian Pollet and featured many Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre staff members and students throughout various fight scenes including Kyoshi Ben Pollet, Shihan Danny, Sensei Angelique, Sensei Jade, Sensei Lloyd, Sensei Ellen RobbinsClaire ToddMandy Hopper, and special behind the scenes helpers Jason PuxtyNeata MaeEmma GavinReema Doueihi.

Big thank you the fight scene sponsor Lee Alenaddaf from SMAI and accommodation sponsor Steve from Gold Panner Motor Inn.

A big special mention to one of the films Executive Producers the Late Verdon Cutler, it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you also to Executive Producers Hanshi Ian Pollet, Frank Manna, Matthew Shone, Adam McAnulty and Alison Berger.

Fantastic film written by Mr Liam Barrett, Download Today! See More


TV Shows

‘Master Toddy’s Tuff Girls’

Hanshi Ian Pollet was selected by the legendary Grand Master Toddy to be the Australian Coach for the Reality TV Series ‘Master Toddy’s Tuff Girls’. The series was filmed in Thailand, and aired on Fuel TV in 2013.