Karate The Order Of The Day At Pollets Martial Tournament

Winners at the June 2014 Pollet's Karate Tournament.

Winners at the June 2014 Pollet’s Karate Tournament.



Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre hosted an inter club karate tournament for members at the Bathurst Dojo, Mitre Street Bathurst. Students from Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Penrith & Granville attended to compete against their fellow martial artists and both demonstrate and improve their skills. The day also saw students and instructors from several Pollet’s satellite schools attend including Cudal, Forbes & Grenfell. With over one hundred and seventy entries in more than sixty divisions, the day was destined to be one filled with strong competition, and it didn’t disappoint. The day started with Hanshi Ian Pollet reinforcing the strength of the bond between all Pollet’s members, and the spirit of Karate.

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The events started with the “Little Tigers”, the karate division for our young martial artists aged between 2 ½ to 6 years old. The next generation of black belts focussed on technique which highlighted their fitness, balance, coordination and basic karate techniques. All of the students performed extremely well, impressing the judges with their focus and concentration. Trophies were awarded for the children who placed first, second and third, and medallions were awarded to each of the other Tigers for their great effort. Pollet’s Martial Arts place a huge emphasis on Kids Karate and to see such a large number of them test themselves today was amazing. A big congratulations to those parents who see the importance of providing their young children with a martial arts education and bringing them to compete today.


Pollets students then had the opportunity to show off their weapons skills in the next round of competition. We are extremely fortunate to have our head instructor who is trained in so many of the traditional Okinawan weapons (as well as many non-traditional ones) and Hanshi’s teachings were evident today. Weapons included the Bo (pole), the Sai and the unusual but beautiful fan. From the kihon (basics) of the weapon to the more advance kata of the higher grade students, each one stepped forward to test themselves against each other, but more importantly,against themselves. To see so many students continuing the very old tradition of weapons was inspiring and all of the students should be proud of their achievements today.


The day then moved on to kata, both synchronised and individual. Both Pollet’s and Goju Ryu kata were performed and the traditional format where students compete against another student, (one on one) with the winner advancing to the next round was a welcome change from the now often used point system. The recent tour of Grand Master Kiichi Nakamoto, from Okinawa was well timed for the tournament and students have definitely improved with the intensive training that has followed on from the tour. The synchronised kata involving teams of two and three was great to watch and to see friends and families, both siblings and two generations competing together was a very special moment.


The last event for the day was Koshiki, full contact karate fighting using protective equipment. This always exciting fighting method held the attention of the crowd, from the youngest fighters from 5 years and under right through the ages and ranks. There was great energy, focus and yet friendship between the fighters. Competitors shared laughs and acknowledgment of their opponent when a good move scored a point. Jumping front kicks, jumping spinning kicks, spinning back knuckles, jumping reverse punches (superman punch) and other advance techniques were great to watch and an opportunity for the students to try them out in a full contact fighting situation.

Scott Honeysett from the Orange dojo showed true karate spirit and won the most spirited koshiki fighter and won a pair of “Gloryfy” sunglasses valued at $250 compliment of Pollet’s Martial Arts and Gloryfy. Scott, a newly appointed brown belt fought some of the top men 35+ over 80g koshiki fighters such as Kelemani Otutaha (Bathurst), Nick Owens (Dubbo) and Sensei John Burns (Penrith).

At the other end of the age spectrum was our youngest Koshiki competitor, Tyra Pollet. At 3 years of age with only point technique shots to the body allowed, Tyra performed very well. Of course, at this age, with full protective equipment, the contact is not even felt by the kids, but it teaches them how to react, move and importantly have fun in the martial arts. Tyra’s older sister, Lexy Pollet also went on to place 1st in the Under 5 category for Koshiki.

Huge congratulations to all competitors and the parents of our junior competitors for both training in the beautiful art of the peaceful warrior, Karate. Thank you to Hanshi Ian Pollet and Sensei Angelique Pollet for hosting the event which always take a lot of work to put together. To the instructors and volunteers, thank you for your time and your commitment to helping others in their pursuit of the martial arts. Gloryfy sunglasses are currently available in the Penrith and Granville dojos and will be available in the near future in both Bathurst & Orange. They are unbreakable” and aimed at the extreme sports such as martial arts. Their range can be found at www.gloryfy.com.

Full Results:

Little Tigers

LT 1 – Little Tigers 3 years

• 1st Eden Thompson
• 2nd Harley Alvey
• 3rd Tyra Pollet

LT 2 – Little Tigers 4 years

• 1st Taylor Conway
• 2nd Rowdy Roberts
• 3rd Hunter Bennett

LT 3 – Little Tigers 5 years

• 1st Bayli Alvey
• 2nd Dexter Roberts
• 3rd Jake Rushbrook

LT 4 – Little Tigers 5 years

• 1st Phoenix Vella
• 2nd Ali Gavin
• 3rd Aiden Crump

Synchronised Kata

SK 1 – Synchronised Kata M & F Junior 17 & Under – All grades
• 1st Felicity Vella, Giamia Radice & Andrew Borland
• 2nd Tylisha Turner, Daniel Brown.
• 3rd Alexandra Shields, Connor Shields, Sarah Honeysett

SK 2 – Synchronised Kata M & F Senior 18+ – All grades
• 1st Johnny Vuong, Chris Dobrow
• 2nd Daniel Brown, Jovi Paul, Tylisha Turner
• 3rd Michelle Kosef, Tammy, April

Traditional Kata

TK 1 – Traditional Kata Male 7 years & under
• 1st Jayden Brown
• 2nd Baylie Alvey
• 3rd Owen Cuthill

TK 2 – Traditional Kata Female 7 years & under
• 1st Ava Pollet
• 2nd Ali Gavin
• 3rd Elliah Sampson

TK 3 – Traditional Kata Male 8-9 years
• 1st Connor Shields
• 2nd Maakaah Darcy
• 3rd Corey Brown

TK 5 – Traditional Kata Male 10 – 11 years
• 1st Max Collins
• 2nd Nathan Prott
• 3rd Angus Easey

TK 6 – Traditional kata Female 10 – 11 years
• 1st Isabella Henrich
• 2nd Claudia Gorton
• 3rd Dakota Sadler

TK 7 – Traditional Kata Male 12 – 13 years
• 1st Maurice Otutaha
• 2nd Daniel Brown
• 3rd Jack Collins

TK 8 – Traditional Kata Female 12 – 13 years
• 1st Felicity Vella
• 2nd Jessica Puxty
• 3rd Tylisha Turner

TK 9 – Traditional Kata Male 14 – 15 years
• 1st Andrew Borland
• 2nd Ben Puxty
• 3rd Alexandra Shields *Merged into male category to enhance competition.

TK 10 – Traditional Kata Female 14 – 15 years
• 1st Alexandra Sheilds

TK 11 – Traditional Kata Male 16 – 17 years
• 1st Lachlan Campbell
• 2nd Ben Morrison

TK 12 – Traditional Kata Female 16 – 17 years
• 1st Giamia Radice
• 2nd Cheyene Jurgutis

TK 13 – Traditional Kata Male 18 – 34 years
• 1st Chris Dobrow
• 2nd Nicholas Milligan

TK 14 – Traditional Kata Female 18 – 34 years U/Brown
• 1st Anthea Pelian
• 2nd Jovi Paul

TK 15 – Traditional Kata Male 18 – 34 years Brown / Black Belt
• 1st Johnny Vuong
• 2nd Kelemani Otutaha
• 3rd Scott Honeysett

TK 16 – Traditional Kata Female 18 – 34 years Brown / Black Belt
• 1st Leanne Hamilton
• 2nd Nikita Corby
• 3rd Jes Doueihi

TK 17 – Traditional Kata Male 35 years + U/Brown
• 1st Ronald Pelino
• 2nd Andrew Heinrich

TK 18 – Traditional Kata Female 35 years + U/Brown
• 1st Nikki Plaisted
• 2nd Michelle Kosef
• 3rd Tammy Hulak


TW 1 – Traditional Weapons M & F 17 years & under
• 1st NCheyenne Jurgutis
• 2nd Makaah Darcy
• 3rd Santo Bartuccio

TW 2 – Traditional Weapons M & F 17 years & Under Brown / Black belts
• 1st Ben Morrison
• 2nd Lachlan Campbell
• 3rd Dean Fitzsimmons

TW 3 – Traditional Weapons M & F 18 years & over U/Brown
• 1st Chris Dobrow
• 2nd Tammy Hulak

TW 4 – Traditional Weapons M / F 18 years & over Brown / Black belts
• 1st Leanne Hamilton
• 2nd Johnny Vuong
• 3rd Scott Honeysett


KK 1 – Koshiki Male 5 years & under
• 1st Sylas Henderson
• 2nd Nathan Pelino
• 3rd Bayli Alvey

KK 2 – Koshiki Female 5 years & under
• 1st Alexia Pollet
• 2nd Elliah Sampson
• 3rd Ali Gavin

KK 3 – Koshiki Male 6 – 7 years
• 1st Jayden Brown
• 2nd Thomas Nikolic
• 3rd Jacob Hawker

KK 4 – Koshiki Female 6 – 7 years
• 1st Ava Pollet
• 2nd Dakota-Rae Willard

KK 5 – Koshiki Male 8 – 9 years
• 1st Kyle Turner
• 2nd William Cuthill

KK 6 – Koshiki Female 8 – 9 years
• 1st Makaah Darcy

KK 7 – Koshiki Male 10 – 11 years
• 1st Kobe Vella
• Adam Lucantonio

KK8 – Koshiki Female 10 – 11 years
• 1st Amira Trad
• 2nd Makaah Darcy
• 3rd Dakota Sadler

KK9 – Koshiki Male 12 – 13 years
• 1st Daniel Brown
• 2nd Sean Borland

KK10 – Koshiki Female 12 – 13 years
• 1st Jessica Puxty
• 2nd Felicity Vella
• 3rd Tylisha Turner

KK13 – Koshiki Male 16 – 17 years
• 1st Ben Morrison
• 2nd Dean Fitzsimmons
• 3rd Daniel Horder

KK14 – Koshiki Female 16 – 17 years
• 1st Giamia Radice
• 2nd Cheyenne Jurgutis

KK15 – Koshiki Male 18 – 35 years Under 80kgs U/Brown
• 1st Chris Dobrow
• 2nd Habib Alkanane
• 3rd Qurban Sarabi

KK16 – Koshiki Male 18 – 34 years 80kg+ U/Brown
• 1st Jesse Pinder
• 2nd Kurt Palmer
• 3rd Shane Alvey

KK17 – Koshiki Male 18 – 34 years Under 80kg Brown / Black belt
• 1st Scott Honeysett

KK19 – Koshiki Male 35 years + Under 80kg U/Brown
• 1st Andrew Heinrich

KK21 – Koshiki Male 35 years 80kg+ Brown / Black belt
• 1st Kelemani Otutaha
• 2nd Nick Owens
• 3rd John Burns

Dojo locations:

Bathurst – 45 Mitre Street, Bathurst NSW 2795 Ph: 02 6334 2286
Dubbo – 106 Erskine Street, Dubbo NSW 2830 Ph: 02 6885 1175
Gold Coast – 11/28 Expo Court, Ashmore Qld Ph: 0403 009 555
Granville – 143 Parramatta Road, Granville NSW Ph: 02 9637 1118
Orange – Shop 23, Upstairs in the Orange Arcade, 142 Summer Street, Orange NSW 2800 Ph: 02 6363 1900
Penrith – 6/69 York Road, Penrith NSW 2750 Ph: 02 4731 6555