Orange hosts World Cup Tournament Training

Orange Pollets Martial Arts Centre was the host to tournament training conducted by Hanshi Ian Pollet in the lead up to the ISKA World Cup.  Hanshi Ian Pollet travelled from Bathurst to teach in Orange today to put the final touches on the students and instructors that are competing in the International Sporting Karate Association World Cup (2014).

Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kata, Point Fighting and Pankration were the focus of training by Hanshi Ian Pollet at the Orange Pollets Martial Arts Centre today.  Hanshi, along with Sensei Angelique, Sempai’s Mani & Holly Otutaha, as well as Sempai Jess Doueihi and Amanda Doueihi came from Bathurst, while Shihan Craig Morrison and a number of his students made the trip from Forbes.

Starting off with a large focus on point fighting, the Hanshi drilled the students and the instructors in speed, distancing and timing, working through both basic and advance techniques.  Using both free standing techniques and bag work, students worked turning kicks, front kicks, reverse punches and feints in preparation for competition.

Hanshi then moved onto Jiu Jitsu (sometimes spelt Jujutsu) where he drilled take downs, side control techniques, kimura from guard and a number of chokes from both standing and ground position.

The day continued with Kata, Weapons and Pankration where Hanshi took the time to work with each student to improve their techniques.

Many thanks to Hanshi Ian Pollet & Sensei Angelique Pollet for taking the time to teach instructors and students.

What’s next?

With less than a week now left for preparation for the World Cup, all competitors need to get as much training in for the last few days to refine what they have working on for the last year.  Hanshi Ian Pollet will be at the Bathurst dojo for the entire week.  Students from all of the Pollets Martial Arts Centres other than Bathurst, (Dubbo, Granville, Gold Coast, Orange & Penrith) are welcome to attend to obtain the final polish on their techniques.