Muay Thai Orange: What are effective self-defence tools for females?

By 18/04/2019 February 14th, 2023 Orange
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In one of our articles, we discussed the topic of considering which martial art is right for you and compared some of the most well-known and respected disciplines and styles that are taught around the country and in the Orange community.

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Additionally, we shed light on how martial arts have become increasingly popular amongst people of all ages and fitness levels – and impressively, amongst more and more women. We’re proud to have had a healthy number of female students join our classes, and we’re also proud to teach these accomplished women a range of useful skills that can be applied in the real world.

That being said, it is important for all students of martial arts to achieve a skill level that will aid them in dangerous, ‘fight or flight’ scenarios that they may at some point come across in the real world. These skills come with a responsibility too, as any trained individual in hand-to-hand combat should know.

So on the subject of women, in particular, we will share with you in this article some wisdom around effective self-defence tools for females of all ages. In this case, we’re going to talk about the relevance of Muay Thai and how it’s defence mechanisms can be useful to women in self-defence scenarios.

Women have stronger hips and legs

It’s true, and if they are strong enough, can prove to be very effective to the female student in Muay Thai who has conditioned the legs and hips to achieve maximum reach, powerful kicks, flexibility and resistance. It will benefit any Muay Thai student to know that the burliest of opponents can be weakened or pushed to quite a distance with an extremely well-executed kick.

Women have the adept ability in striking and grappling

The two elements of a fight include striking and grappling. More often than not, a self-defence scenario in real life will demand that the defending individual do their best as both – as an attack will hardly ever go one way. Muay Thai is a perfect martial art in terms of real-life self-defence effectiveness. Self-defence is always a last resort, but sometimes there is no choice.

Muay Thai will build your confidence

In ambush scenarios where an individual is vulnerable to an attacker, it can be a realistic and biomechanic reaction to simply ‘freeze up’, up on the spot. This reaction is also forgivable if the individual being attacked has no self-defence of fighting experience or knowledge. Training Muay Thai takes a certain amount of energy exertion and self-belief, that the student will inevitably gain with bounds of confidence in their movements and themselves. If a vulnerable situation were ever to arise, a student can at least rely on their learned skill and confidence to back up and protect themselves from an attacker.

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Overall, it is well known for its tremendous power, raw simplicity and maximum efficiency. Muay Thai utilizes the sharpest of punches, knees and elbow blows in an energetic way. The nature of Muay Thai takes the student on somewhat of a transformational journey, to mental and physical toughness. The Muay Thai Orange community is always open for new female students.