Your family is your greatest asset. At Pollet’s Martial Arts we pride ourselves on empowering families and individuals with the skills to protect. Our centre is a family based dojo where you will feel exactly that: “Part of the family”. Come along and see what our amazing new Dojo has to offer.

Martial Arts Classes Dubbo

Sitting between residential and commercial regions of Dubbo, the Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre is conveniently located on Erskine St. We offer a range of Martial Arts Classes Dubbo catered towards children, beginner & advanced students and aged citizens. Each lesson is conducted in our world class dojo featuring a range of training facilities, cardio and weight lifting equipment. Our instructors take a personalised approach to every session by including, warm-up activities, history, new techniques, refining existing ones and much more.

For all new members of our community, we offer a special FREE class. You can meet our friendly instructors, become acquainted with our facilities and participate in training sessions of your choice. To enquire about this special offer, call (02) 6885 1175 or email and we’ll arrange for your FREE class.

World Class Facilities

Our open-floor dojo gives students a comfortable environment to train and develop their physical fitness. The training area is padded with EVA foam material, which keeps you balanced and comfortable during each session. We also offer specialised equipment for a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Punching boxes
  • Shields
  • Grappling dummies
  • Cardio equipment
  • Weight training facilities

To replicate the thrill of real Mixed Martial Arts, our MMA cages are made from the same materials used in professional settings. Our traditional boxing rings feature padded corners and ropes for essential cushioning during intense training and sparring sessions.

All of our dojos are comprised of equipment and facilities from reputable providers, who deliver the highest quality products in mixed martial arts venues.

About Dubbo

Situated in regional NSW, Dubbo is a dynamic suburb filled with shopping destinations, cafes, parks and a diverse residential community. Its laidback country lifestyle is supported by strong commercial growth and prospective living opportunities for new families.

We’re proud to be serving Dubbo and contributing to the wealth of sporting opportunities around the area. By giving people a place where they can train and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals – we hope our Martial Arts Lessons Dubbo brings the community a little bit closer.

Come along to a FREE Class

For all new members of our dojo, you can try our classes FREE! This includes:

  • Hands-on training with our professional instructors
  • Full access to our dojo equipment and facilities
  • Open mat sessions
  • Programs for children 2 years up

To organise your FREE class, call us on (02) 6885 1175 or email and we’ll get you started on your training. Our dojo is conveniently located on 106 Erskine St and open 6 days a week. We look forward to seeing you at our next training session soon!


106 Erskine St Dubbo NSW 2830

Phone Number

02 6885 1175

Contact E-mail

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