Your family is your greatest asset. At Pollet’s Martial Arts we pride ourselves on empowering families and individuals with the skills to protect. Our centre is a family based dojo where you will feel exactly that: “Part of the family”. Come along and see what our amazing new Dojo has to offer.

Martial Arts Classes Castle Hill

Situated in the eastern region of Castle Hill, our dojo and training facilities provide everything you need to develop your fighting style. We train students across all age groups in a variety of disciplines, including Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts and more. With our Martial Arts Classes Castle Hill, you’ll hone your skills in a comfortable training environment and become part of a friendly local community.

For new members of our martial arts family, we offer a FREE class to help you get acquainted with our trainers and facilities. To become a member and take advantage of this fantastic deal, contact us on (02) 8677 8289 or email us at and we’ll prepare a personalised training program just for you.

Our Dojos & Facilities

Our Castle Hill venue features a comprehensive range of martial arts facilities including traditional boxing ring, MMA cage, a padded training space, merchandise store and cardio & weight lifting equipment.

Our boxing ring and MMA cage is suitably sized for beginners and advanced fighters, which are made from reinforced steel and non-slip flooring that keep fighters stable. These facilities replicate an authentic fighting experience that prepares students for local and international competitions.

After participating in our Martial Arts Classes Castle Hill, you can focus on cardio and weight training with our shared facilities. We have exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, step trainers, bench presses and dumbbells to help you achieve your desired fitness level.

Daily Programs Conducted by Professional Trainers

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new student, our trainers work with participants of all skill levels. Our instructors have years of experience and come from a diverse background of different fighting styles. Many of our instructors have achieved success in Australian and overseas fighting champions, along with studying abroad too. Their lessons combine traditional techniques with a modern attitude and personal experience, to deliver an insightful and engaging session every time.

Our Martial Arts Lessons Castle Hill bring a fresh perspective to the world of martial arts. Students gain valuable insight from instructors with real-world experience, where they learn the most effective approach to new techniques and defensive manoeuvres – along with some history behind the discipline itself.

Conveniently Located in Castle Hill

Our dojo is situated in Castle Hill’s commercial district, which is just near the Norwest Business Park. Castle Hill is a thriving suburb with a range of sporting facilities, schools, cultural events and a widespread commercial district.

During our time in Castle Hill, we’ve trained countless residents around the community and helped them learn valuable skills in the outside world. We provide a service where people can come and train, socialise and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

3D View Inside the Castle Hill Dojo.

Sign up NOW and receive one FREE class

We understand that taking up martial arts is a big commitment, which is why we invite you to try our class for FREE. We give you the complete Pollet’s experience, which includes:

  • Hands-on experience in our training sessions

  • Full access to our world-class facilities

  • Lessons from qualified and experienced instructors

  • Meeting our community members and students

To enquire about receiving your FREE class, give us a call on (02) 8677 8289 or send us an email at and we’ll take you through our application process. If you’re ready to test your skill in our Martial Arts Classes Castle Hill, sign up today and become part of the Pollet’s community!


30/5 Salisbury Rd Castle Hill

Phone Number

02 8677 8289

Contact E-mail

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