Martial Arts Classes Bathurst
Gain the Competitive Edge with Kyushojutsu Classes in Bathurst

Kyushojutsu is a special kind of martial arts. Unlike other styles that focus on punching, kicking or grappling moves – Kyushojutsu is about attacking vulnerable areas, in order to quickly disarm your opponent. Taking Kyushojutsu classes in Bathurst is a great discipline to learn… particularly if you’re looking for something different.

Whether you’re already studying a form of martial arts or not, Kyushojutsu is accessible to students of all skill levels.

In our lessons, you become familiar with the various pressure points and vital areas of the body. These pressure points are the same used in acupuncture, and when struck – can quickly immobilise your opponent.

Students who participate in Kyushojutsu classes at our Bathurst dojo benefit from increased mobility, tactical awareness and inner strength. It’s a valuable system for any student looking to gain a competitive edge.

Taught By Experienced Instructors

Kyushojutsu is a specialised art-form that takes years of training to master.

We have only the best instructors for teaching this unique fighting style. Our instructors have undergone years of training and participated in many local and international tournaments to develop their skills.

Students participate in weekly group sessions, which involves learning how each pressure point correlates to different nerves and organs. These lessons are put into practice and taught through regular training and exercises.

Access to Training, Cardio and Weight Lifting Facilities

When you’re not participating in our classes, you can enjoy access to our world-class facilities.

We have a range of training equipment to develop your style, along with elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills, bench presses and dumbbells for improving your strength and fitness levels.

Our training equipment is manufactured by leading sports brands. Each facility is designed with safety in mind, so you can train in a comfortable and controlled environment.

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If you’re looking to try something different with your martial arts training – Kyushojutsu is a great way to expand your skills.

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