Martial Arts Classes Bathurst
Punch, Kick and Block Like a Pro with Kickboxing Classes in Bathurst

Our Kickboxing classes in Bathurst teaches Western-style kickboxing to students of all skill levels. We provide you with essential knowledge and training to defend yourself in real-life situations and prepare you for competitive matches.

Both beginners and veterans will find something here to improve their skillset. Each session, you’ll train alongside your fellow members and practice new punching, kicking and blocking techniques.

Plus, we focus on developing your existing moves to improve their effectiveness against a variety of fighting styles.

Kickboxing Sessions 7 Times a Week

From Monday to Saturday, we host kickboxing classes in Bathurst 7 times a week.

Our dojo is a family-friendly environment. We offer Kids Karate classes for children aged 7 to 14 years old, and our Little Tigers program for children aged 2 to 6 years old.

Check the schedule of our Bathurst dojo here for session times.

Our Facilities

Our Bathurst dojo has a specious training area, where students can spar and develop their skills on comfortable EVA padded foam.

Our boxing rings are made by SMAI – one of the leading suppliers in martial arts equipment – which are appropriately size for training and competitive purposes.

You can develop your skills and practice with a partner using our punching bags, focus mitts & belly pads, speed balls, guards and protectors. You can also purchase boxing gloves, apparel and other training equipment from our merchandise store, which are supplied by professional martial arts equipment lenders.

And to keep your physique in top form, we have a range of cardio and weightlifting facilities. These are available to use outside of your scheduled training sessions.

Why Choose Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre?

  • Our Kickboxing classes are taught by instructors with years of training experience. Many of our instructors have competed in local and international tournaments. Their knowledge of international standards and cultural differences gives students a unique insight into the world of Kickboxing.
  • We’re conveniently located in the heart of Bathurst. Our dojo is located at 45 Mitre St, which is a 5 minute walk from 523 bus route interchanges on Howick St and Durham St.
  • Each new member enjoys one week of FREE training. Discover the benefits of joining Pollet’s without having to make any immediate payment. You can participate in our classes and become acquainted with the Pollet’s community – before you decide whether our kickboxing lessons in Bathurst are for you. This is a no obligation offer!
  • World-class facilities and merchandise store. Use our training equipment for free and purchase everything you need from our convenient store.

Become a Member of Pollet’s Today!

To start your martial arts journey, call our Bathurst dojo on (02) 6334 2286 and our staff will sign you up.

You can contact us by email at and send your online enquiry here for more information.