Want to know more about Jiu-Jitsu classes?

By 24/06/2014 January 5th, 2015 Bathurst, Dubbo, Gold Coast, Granville, Orange, Penrith

Jiu-Jitsu is the ‘unarmed’ martial art of the Japanese samurai. It was the weapon of last resort, to be used if their swords were lost or broken. Jiu-jitsu specializes in close range striking and grappling. The name Jiu-jitsu literally means ‘gentle art’. It is a martial art whose central philosophy is the efficient and intelligent use of one’s body. It is an excellent martial art for self defence because it relies on good technique and not strength to be effective.

There are many different schools, styles, or ryu, in Jiu-jitsu. Each ryu has its own specialty. The particular style that we teach our students at Pollet’s Martial Art Centres is called Tai-jitsu Ryu. According to oral tradition, Tai-jitsu Ryu was codified by a group of Chinese Buddhist nuns living in Japan in the 16th Century. It is a very comprehensive style, encompassing many techniques. It includes punches, kicks, throws, strangles, joint locks, use of pressure points and ground-fighting. The emphasis is on the close range. This makes it an excellent martial art for developing self defence skills.

A typical Jiu-jitsu class at Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre begins with a warm up consisting of break-falling exercises. This is where you learn and practice how to fall. The exercises start from very easy and gradually build up. A typical Jiu-jitsu class might then spend some time practicing throws and/or restraint and control techniques. The class then usually moves on and these techniques are put into the context of self defence situations. Towards the end of the class, ground fighting skills are practiced and there is usually an opportunity for groundwork (free exercise).

Pollet’s Martial Art Centre has 6 full time locations at Bathurst, Granville, Penrith, Orange, Dubbo and the Gold Coast that are open 6 days a week. Each one of these locations very family friendly with kids classes available for the youngsters from 2 years old. All locations are state of the art with professional mixed martial arts teachers and the highest quality fitness equipment, including cardio and weights.

Come in to one of our 6 locations, our qualified instructors are more than happy to talk to you about the different class levels.