Since gaining prominence across Japan and the Western World during the 60’s and 70’s, Kickboxing has become a popular contact sport that has inspired generations of students eager to learn its varying methods and techniques. While kickboxing first originated as a hybrid of Karate, Muay Thai and Western boxing – many cultures across the world eventually adopted their own styles and rulesets, which has resulted in many regional differences within the sport itself.

Our Kickboxing Classes incorporate elements of full and semi-contact rules. We focus on developing your footwork, blocking skills and a variety of punching and kicking with knees and elbow strike techniques taught in our Muay Thai classes.

Kickboxing Lessons and Muay Thai classes by Experienced Trainers

Whether you’re a new student or a kickboxing veteran, our instructors teach students of all skill levels. Their wealth of knowledge and experience honours the traditional spirt of kickboxing, which encourages students to discover their inner strength, but also remain humble and respectful towards their peers.

Our kickboxing instructors have competed and achieved success in many fighting competitions across Australia and overseas. This has given them invaluable experiencing in adapting to the different cultures and approaches that kickboxing entails, which students can learn and adopt into their own training regimes. Many of our kickboxing students have themselves participated in overseas fighting tournaments and achieved similar success.

Our Kickboxing Facilities

Our dojos and facilities give students an open-space platform to perfect their skills and train alongside a supportive community. Each dojo flooring is fitted with high density EVA foam, which absorbs your body weight and keeps you comfortable during intense training sessions. We also have punching bags of various sizes to help you develop your punching and kicking techniques.

Each dojo has a fully equipped weight training space, which allows you to focus on your upper and lower body strength. We also have cardio facilities such as treadmills, exercise bikes, step machines and elliptical trainers.

Styles and Techniques

Through years of dedicated training and focus, our trainers are capable of teaching you many different techniques to suit different styles of kickboxing, muay thai and thai boxing.

Each discipline has their own combination of moves and emphasis on different parts of the body. Students can engage with these styles and incorporate them into their own practice routines, which will help broaden their skillset and moves.

Kickboxing Classes

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