Martial Arts Qualifications

Jason started martial arts training at a young age with his father who was a martial arts instructor in Kempo Karate and had his own martial arts schools in Western Sydney and Central West NSW.

Jason went on to join the New South Wales Police Force where he served for 22 years rising to the rank of Detective Inspector.  Whilst a Police Officer Jason received numerous awards including a Commissioners Commendation for Bravery after being injured whilst off duty and unarmed and defending a victim from the brutal attack of three offenders armed with a knife, baseball bat and a golf stick.

He also received the National Medal, the NSW Police Medal and a Commissioners Commendation for his service during the Cronulla Riots.

During his time as a Police Officer he studied different martial arts until he started receiving teachings from Hanshi Ian Pollet in 2007.  Jason was so impressed with the teachings that he started his entire family training with Hanshi Pollet and declined the opportunity to be promoted to Detective Superintendent as it would mean moving away from his teacher.

After Jason retired from the NSW Police Force in 2012 he continued to train & instruct at Pollets Martial Arts Centre in Orange.

He has been fortunate enough to travel around the world with Hanshi Pollet including Okinawa, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa. He feels a great sense of pride as he observes senior martial artists in each of these countries treat his teacher, Hanshi Pollet with the respect deserving of a great martial artist.

Jason is a regular member of Hanshi’s fight team, assisting in cornering and training of fighters.  He himself has achieved success in a number of ISKA and Pollets tournaments winning or placing in Koshiki, Point Fighting, Grappling (Jiu Jitsu) and Kata competitions.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Social Science, Master of Public Policy & Administration, Diploma of Finance, Certificate of Accounting & several other qualifications.

Jason dedicates himself to his wife and three children (all of whom train in the martial arts), and attempting to improve himself daily through his study of Buddhism and following the teachings, both physical and spiritual, of his teacher, Hanshi Ian Pollet.