As Pollet’s Castle Hills head instructor, Sensei Grant works tirelessly on and off the mats to help his students find the passion that he has in martial arts. Grant had trained for many of his younger years in karate but re-found his love for martial arts in his late 20s when he joined the Pollet’s family.

Grant’s commitment to the dojo was unquestionable, with him spending six days at the dojo training and developing skills across a variety of styles. These skills continued to develop when he began competing in Jiu Jitsu, No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, and Koshiki, earning multiple ISKA titles in the process.

Grant’s teaching journey began at Pollet’s Penrith where he worked full time, beginning to pass down knowledge to other students. This ignited his passion even more and decided to take a new and exciting opportunity to become a head instructor at Pollet’s Castle Hill. Over the time he’s been at our Castle Hill school, Grant has helped students reach their goals; whether that be becoming the next champion, improving self-confidence, increasing fitness, or providing students with a second family that they can feel safe.

In his efforts to help his students, Sensei Grant has raised fierce and strong fighters, with many of his karate students competing at ISKA tournaments, and walking away with many golds. Castle Hills fighters aren’t just in karate, as Grant has had students grow from his high-energy classes to fights in the ring.

The Castle Hill dojo has flourished under Grant’s constant commitment, and his students have continued to grow through all aspects of their training, no matter the style.