Brayden grew up in Broken Hill after moving there as a young child. Upon turning 19, he moved to Orange where he commenced an apprenticeship as a carpenter.

As a child he studied Taek won do for several years and was accomplished AFL player with Broken Hill Central “Magpies”.

In 2010, Brayden brought his two young children to Pollets so that they could train in self defence and anti-bullying programs. He also commenced to train in Karate initially, but then expanding to the other disciplines offered by Pollets, including Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Brayden and his two children (increasing to three after the birth of his youngest daughter), continued to train and Brayden has now reached 2nd Kyu Brown Belt. He has competed across NSW in ISKA and Club tournaments with a good degree of success. Brayden enjoys Koshiki, Kata and Jiu Jitsu competitions and he also enjoys no-gi grappling competitions.
As of September 2013, Brayden is preparing to travel to Cape Town, South Africa to compete in the World Goju-Ryu championships in both Kumite and Kata.

Brayden is working towards his Shodan-Ho (Probationary Black Belt) which he hopes to achieve during 2013.