Based in the USA, Master Toddy has produced over 40 World Champions, and finally he will visit Australia FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

Grandmaster Toddy has appeared in a few documentaries and reality TV series that showcase both Muay Thai and Muay Boran (bare-knuckle Muay Thai). In “I’m a Muay Thai Fighter”, showcased on MTV, Grandmaster Toddy led a team of Muay Thai Champions to Thailand to compete in the brutal world of bare-knuckle competition. This was the first time a team had been invited from North America. The results were a testament to Grandmaster Toddy’s system. Of the five who entered, three won by knock-out!

More recently, Grandmaster Toddy appeared in the movie Ring Girls. After the sucess of Ring Girls, Master Toddy was featured in the documentary and then reality TV series called Fight Girls, in which he led several female fighters in their dream of challenging the world’s best.

Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime event. Grandmaster Toddy’s champions fight with tremendous heart. Included in the list of over 40 world champions trained by Grandmaster Toddy are Maurice Smith, Dale “Apollo” Cook, Ronnie Green, Lisa Howarth, Kash “The Flash” Gill, Kiyotaka Kato, and Howard Brown. The new generation of fighters in America includes; Melchor Menor, Ben Garcia, Kit Cope, Shannon Singleton, Tito Ortiz, Marvin Eastman, Angela Rivera, Gina Carono and many others! If a person wants to train under the best, Grandmaster Toddy will welcome any student who is willing to put their heart and soul into it!

Hanshi Ian Pollet will host six Master Toddy seminars across Australia this year.