Martial Arts Classes Bathurst
One Week Of FREE Boxing Lessons In Bathurst!

If you’ve ever wanted to punch, dodge and grapple like a world-class fighter – Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre is the place for you. The boxing lessons in our Bathurst dojo are a family-friendly environment, where students of all ages and skill levels can train alongside like-minded individuals.

We understand that trying out martial arts can be confronting for some people. That’s why we give each new member a friendly introduction to our dojo, where you can try our boxing classes for FREE during your first week of signing-up.

You’ll get to meet our friendly instructors and members, plus, you’ll get to see our world-class facilities up close. And if you wish to try a different discipline – or you decide Pollet’s isn’t for you – you can amend your membership at any time.

We host boxing lessons in Bathurst four days a week: from Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays.

Learn From Instructors with Real-World Experience

Our instructors were just like you at one stage. They started with learning the basic techniques, going through numerous exercise routines, and working hard to master their craft.

From there, they’ve competed in (and won) local and international tournaments. And had the chance to train with world-class instructors in their chosen field.

It’s this knowledge and experience that makes Pollet’s different.

You learn more than how to become a great fighter – you gain knowledge to help you succeed in other areas of your life. Our instructors strive to achieve the best results from students like yourself, so you can become the confident and string-minded individual you have the potential to be.

Train Using the Latest Facilities

Our Olympic Size boxing ring meets the same specifications as real-world facilities. You’ll learn how to punch, dodge and block with the same equipment that professional fighters use.

Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre has a wealth of training equipment to improve your physique. This includes punching bags, speed balls, focus mitts and hit shields.

During your downtime, take advantage of our weight training and cardio facilities. We have a range of exercise equipment for private-use, which you can use outside of scheduled training sessions.

Become a Pollet’s Member to Receive One Week of FREE Boxing Lessons!

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, and experience the benefit of:

  • One week of FREE boxing lessons taught by leading instructors
  • Improving your fitness levels with our training, cardio and weight lifting facilities
  • A family-friendly environment that’s fun for all ages
  • A conveniently located dojo where you can meet new people

…start your week of FREE boxing lessons at our Bathurst dojo today! Give us a call on (02) 6334 2286 and we’ll sign you up over the phone. We’re open six days a week from Monday – Saturday, hosting a variety of martial arts classes for students of all skill levels.