Empowering families and individuals with the skills to protect and the discipline for a healthier mind and body.

Who we are

We aim to provide value to you in the way we approach each and every person and the
uniqueness of your goals. We encourage you to develop at your own pace and provide
ongoing support and guidance throughout your journey.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer martial arts and it’s benefits to those who
struggle with or experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Stress
  • OCD
  • ADD
  • Asperger’s Syndrome

We run specialised classes designed for people with mental or physical impairments

Why you should get involved

  1. We have no fitness level or experience level requirements, offering encouragement and motivation to make ongoing
  2. You will very quickly feel part of the family, in our friendly, supportive, non-intimidating atmosphere.
  3. Your results from your training will make you feel great both mentally and physically

No matter your objective or motivation, whether it be to lose weight, feel better or just to try something new you will see results. You
will see much faster results should you attend on average 3 classes per week, however you will also see results should you only
manage 1, just a little slower.

Your Journey

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, so we want to get to know you in order to make you feel more comfortable and offer the best possible solution.

  1. Welcome
  2. Getting to know you
    1. What brings you to us?
    2. What you would love to achieve from your martial arts training?
    3. What you would love to achieve from your martial arts training?
  3. Recommendation

What to expect

We start with a free introductory class, We invite you in 15-20 minutes prior to the class to introduce you to the instructors and walk you through our two-level facilities. You are given an indemnity form to fill out, parents sign for students under the age of 18.

What you need to bring

Comfortable clothes (no shoes needed)
Water bottle (drinks are available)
We can loan you equipment for your trial class, however you are welcome to bring any equipment you already have.

“Experts in catering for all levels and maintain great standards of cleanliness! No intimidation just hard training.”
– Brandon John

“A very family friendly place – And they put together amazing fun filled birthday party’s highly recommended.”
– Linda Lee

“We go to the lil tigers at Valentine, Caleb is awesome with the kids, Lachlan loves it.”
– Jonathon Haigh

Here from one of our locals, Layton, on his experience and journey with Pollet’s as he discovers his true ability. What a legend…

“Martial Arts can turn anyone around, whether it is just getting fit, developing discipline in life
in general, learning to respect and gain respect or building self confidence to be a better you.

The team Pollet’s Martial Arts Newcastle – Shihan Danny, Sensei Caleb, Sensei Skyy and Layton have hearts of gold and will help anyone who asks for it..

If you have wanted to study in a Martial Art but unsure what or how to go about it, please just visit your nearest Pollet’s Centre or part time school and give them a free trial.. Or just come in and discuss if you aren’t quite ready to hit the Mats yet!

Can’t rate the Pollet’s family enough and what they have done for my family since day one.”
– Megan Babay

“Pollet’s Newcastle is the best place for all your material arts needs. My family have enjoyed it from the minute they walked in the doors. We were welcomed and treated like
family from the get go. Caleb is fantastic with my 2 little tigers and Shihan Danny, Skyy, Caleb and Layton have worked wonders on my son and step son! Thanks so much guys.”
– Chloe Lea


Who we work with

We work with a diverse range of people and have designed our services so they are suitable and
beneficial for everyone.

We have programs which include:

The Newcastle Little Tigers Program

The Little Tigers program is a specialised syllabus for 2-6 year olds. The syllabus is designed specifically to help children that may be facing bullying, confidence issues, struggling to concentrate in class, or even just to develop their overall skills. Our program is about helping your child be more focused, disciplined, alert and have a better overall attitude.

Our values are based on having fun and educating your children practical skills to take into real life.

For more information and a complete break down of programs and syllabuses click here

Self-Defence Classes in Newcastle

Our self-defence programs are designed to suit all levels of abilities. Our focus is to empower
you with the skills, confidence and knowledge of practical martial arts skills.

Our highly trained team of approachable professionals have designed programs that make you
feel safe and allow you to train in a secure environment.

Mixed Martial Arts Programs

For students aged 7 years and over, we offer Karate, Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing), Kempo Jiu-Jitsu,
Kobudo (Traditional Weapons), Boxing & MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)/Cage.

All our programs are suitable for people of all levels and fitness. Our objective is to offer you the tools and support you to meet your goals. We have the best instructors for teaching you and developing your skills to match the outcome you are looking for. Whether it is weight loss or you are looking to compete, our instructors can help you achieve.

What we do

We offer instruction in six martial arts disciplines. We aim to uphold the integrity of the martial arts we offer to provide the highest quality available.

We offer our services through:

  • Our timetabled classes, 35+ per week (memberships and casual attendance)
  • Private instruction (one-on-one)
  • Private group instruction
  • Our 2 level, fully equipped facility is also open to members and casual visitors

Click the hyperlinks for more information on: Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kempo Jui-Jitsu, & Kobudo, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kids Karate and Self-Defence classes.

Meet the Newcastle team

Shihan Danny Crouch

Shihan Skyy Crouch

Sensei Caleb