Martial Arts Qualifications

  • 4th Degree Black Belt Karate-Do (PKA)
  • Black Belt Kobujutsu (Grand Master Nakamoto)
  • Kru Muay Thai (MTIA)
  • Accredited ISKA Referee (International Sports Karate Association)
  • Cert IV Fitness

Shihan Angelique has been a loyal and dedicated member of Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre for 12 years. She is kind hearted and extremely passionate about the martial arts. She enjoys dedicating her time in helping others improve and reach their individual goals. She believes the roles and duties of a Black Belt must be fulfilled by being committed to their training, adhering to our Dojo’s Odes and portrayed throughout ones true character. They must be committed to their students, have passion for the Organisation, Hanshi and his team of Black Belts and pass their passion and knowledge through the ranks to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

Throughout her martial arts journey, she has tested her spirit and character on many levels. Some of her achievements include:
2014 World Karate Organisation Kata World Champion in Curritiba, Brazil
2013 Australian Team Captain for the World Goju Ryu Championships in South Africa. Throughout this position, she was dedicating 7 days per week to the team, working alongside Hanshi to improve their kata and point fighting skills and to bring out the best in each and every one of these competitors.

She has competed in many State, National and World Class Kata, Point Fighting and Koshiki competitions throughout Australia, United States of America and South Africa and has been successful in obtaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing at many of these events.

In 2012, she worked and trained alongside Hanshi in the motion picture ‘Love of My Life’ Directed by Award Winning Michael Budd (The Cold Light of Day, The Matrix Reloaded), and was a stunt double in a double knife fight scene starring Logie Winner Peter O’Brien and Diarmid Heidenrich, choreographed by Hanshi who was the films Stunt Co-Ordinator. She also played the muay thai opponent of the films leading lady Bel Delia. The film is due for release in 2014.

Hosted and personally trained with Okinawa’s 10th Degree Grand Master Nakamoto throughout his three Australian Tours and travelled to Okinawa on three separate occasions to personally train alongside Hanshi with Grand Master Nakamoto from 2008 – 2013. She is scheduled to travel to Okinawa in 2014 to further train with Grand Master Nakamoto in Goju Karate and Kobujutsu with Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre.

Hosted and personally trained with Thailand’s Grand Master Toddy throughout his five Australian Tours and travelled to Thailand on three separate occasions to personally train alongside Hanshi with Grand Master Toddy. She completed her Muay Thai Trainers Course with Grand Master Toddy in 2012 and qualified for her Kru Course and was promoted in 2013.

She also trains and travels with Pollet’s Fight Team to several Muay Thai and MMA fight nights where the team have fought and successfully won several State, Interstate and Australian Titles. She assists ringside in the corner team alongside Hanshi Ian Pollet. She has successfully fought on these Muay Thai fight nights and won and she hopes to venture into MMA this year with the fight team.

With her love of adventurous roles and testing her spirit, in 2004 Sensei Angelique joined the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps (RAAOC) as an Army Reserve Member where she spent 45 days in Kapooka training her recruit course with the full-time soldiers in all physical aspects, (cross country, pack marches, firing weapons, high wire/bayonet assault courses), whilst understanding the importance of teamwork, she learnt physical and moral courage and self discipline are the key factor in achieving your biggest goals. She completed a four week RAAOC Clerks Course in both VIC and NSW and was awarded the ‘Student of Merit’ in Moorebank 2006.

From 2002-2012, she worked for a Government Department as a Finance Officer/Finance Supervisor and resigned in 2012 from her full-time position in order to dedicate more time to the organisation. Since then, she has helped Hanshi with organising and preparing students for overseas tours and competitions. She has worked alongside Hanshi in organising seven major successful club tournaments and will continue to promote future Club and ISKA/ISJA Tournaments. She has hosted International Martial Arts guests and worked alongside Hanshi with opening of two new full-time centres where they have now welcomed hundreds of new members.

Her 2016 goals are to train and help many students compete and achieve their dreams. She is currently completing her Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Remedial Massage through the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and her dual Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition.

If you would like to book in a class or a private session, you can contact Sensei Angelique on:
Phone: 02 6334 2286
Mobile: 0423 456 072